A blog dedicated purely to show AMWF couples. This is isn't for a fetish but just show that this pairing exists and to support these couples.
We hope to get submissions for anyone in an AMWF relationship. Please share your story, problems, pictures, videos, or anything else related to what this blog is about.
Hope you all enjoy!
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To answer that anon's question,the most iconic couple is Bruce Lee and his wife! Another celebrity one is John and Kate plus 8. Too bad they're divorced now. I'm white and my husband is Korean and we want kids too. Just make amwf friends! It helps

Thank you so much!!!

20.Oct.14 4 hours ago
Hi amwf i had been follow u blog and i see theres posibilities to being a relationship for a asian men. I had seen thruw networks thats asian girl prefers white men, but insted people love whoever the person want, asians parents are very stricted when talk about the parther if their son/dauther but i really hate that they still thinking is the time were they lived, unfortunaly i had not found my soulmate but i would like my soulmate will be a white girl :) like u blog

Anything is possible :) Love will find you when you least expect it, it may not be anyone or any type that you were expecting and that’s okay because all that matters is happiness. 

I’m glad you like this blog. 

20.Oct.14 7 hours ago
Tell that anon to go read Kissing Outside the Lines by Diane Farr. She's an actress that's been in Rescue Me, Numbers, and a bunch of other shows and movies. She's married to a Korean guy.

Awesome thank you! I knew there were many resources, I just couldn’t think of them off the top of my head.

20.Oct.14 7 hours ago
Hi, I'm going anon because me and my SO have been discussing kids, but don't want anyone to know. I admit that sometimes I feel like the only white woman in love with a Japanese man, but this blog always makes me feel less alone. However, I'm worried that if I have a child, they will feel that there is something wrong with their family because they don't see any others like it. Do you know of any media featuring the children of AMWF parents? Besides Phoebe from Hey Arnold, I cant think of any.

We’ve actually had quite a few submissions from AMWF families!! It’s amazing to see. I also know quite a few amwf personally who are getting married and about to have kids. 

As for media: Major League Baseball player Travis Ishikawa is half asian/half white. Yo-Yo Ma and his entire family. I’m really sorry I can’t think of anymore right at this moment. 

Anyone know any else? I honestly am not worried about that because being of mixed race isn’t something that you can just look at someone and know. There is a blog called FuckYeahMixedKids that is about empowerment and acceptance of ALL mixed kids. For children, being mixed can be a struggle for identity (my nieces and nephews are mixed) but if you raise them in a house of love, support, and kindness; you can make the world a little easier to live in <3

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To all my lovely followers!!!!!…. Zero… this is a blog created by Becky and I (Benjamin), it’s meant to give people a glimpse of our relationship and what it’s like to be in an interracial relationship.image

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