A blog dedicated purely to show AMWF couples. This is isn't for a fetish but just show that this pairing exists and to support these couples.
We hope to get submissions for anyone in an AMWF relationship. Please share your story, problems, pictures, videos, or anything else related to what this blog is about.
Hope you all enjoy!
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thank you! 

24.Apr.14 5 hours ago
24.Apr.14 6 hours ago
You don't even know how much i love this blog! Whenever i see your blog It makes me so happy, because usually i see people not being very open about Amwf couples and there's also all these kind of jokes going on about Asians. Even though i don't date and Asian, it just makes my whole day better when you post something! (btw i'm sorry for my english since english isn't my first language)

thank you :) All we want is to be open to all kinds of love and we are so happy this blog makes you happy!

23.Apr.14 19 hours ago

How we met. “you recognize me?”

I am White and my boyfriend is Chinese. I use to think age was a big thing, now that I am in a relationship with a guy 10 years older than me, I realize it really doesn’t matter. A while back another friend of mine insisted on me getting an app that will allow me to talk to her and text her for free when ahead goes back to China during the summer break. So I did. After having it for a while I decided to say “Hey there” to a Very attractive Asian guy. I had no idea why I did, but something just drew me to him. And luckily, surprisingly, I got a welcoming reply. I know the internet is a risky place so I kept my guard up. After days and days of chatting and talking on the phone..none of which was relationship related, I got a surprise at work. I had told him I work at a sushi place, but not which one specifically…. so he decided to Google sushi places nearby and hope whichever one he picked I would be there…on a Friday night,  I had just pit in an order and came through the curtains to enter the main floor, when I see a pair of Very nicely dressed feet…my eyes travel up the black slacks, metal belt, and have to travel up even further( mind you, im 5’7”) to reach the light blue dress shirt. And finally I see this wide charming smile beaming in front of me. It was him. Still, with a full smile, he said, ” so, you know who I am? I must have come to the right place.” Our connection was instant. I seated him, shook his hand, and Said, “Nice to meet you.”  We fit like a glove, and neither one of us plan on going anywhere. I had previously studied Chinese for 6 years, and have been familiar with the culture since middle school…  so now, both of our languages, and cultures are blended and understood from both sides. 

23.Apr.14 19 hours ago

Pier 39

I met my boyfriend on my bday at pier 39 (San Francisco) my bf is a international student he’s japanese my best friend saw him and his friends and told me to talk to him because I thought he was the cutest after many minutes of arguing with her I did and he asked me for my number we were friends for a year before we started dating we have been dating for almost 8 months and plan for longer♡♪〜

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23.Apr.14 1 day ago

We met at Wal-Mart :)

Hey!  I met my husband at Wal-Mart :).  He was a foreign student at my college and he was friends with my brother.  One day I saw him get in his car across the street at one of his friend’s house (and I thought he was so sexy looking).  My brother was about to leave the house as well, I asked my brother where he was going, he said the store.  I asked to go, and when we got to the store, I met my husband.  It was instant.  We both had a HUGE physical attraction from the start.  We started seeing each other and the rest is history.  

He’s Korean Korean, and I’m American and our toddler is Korean/American. 

22.Apr.14 2 days ago