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17.Apr.14 1 day ago
16.Apr.14 2 days ago
To the anon with the "gold-digger" issue, I have the exact same problem. Sadly enough, there is no way to change someone's opinion of you if they go out of their way to be ignorant (my bf's stepdad is like that towards me). So my best advice is to keep loving your man. There's no need to prove yourself to anyone except him. And it'll take time for this, but of anyone comments on you, brush it off. There's only two people that need to know what goes on in your relationship, not the world. <3
16.Apr.14 3 days ago
To the anon who asked about the way people treat you in Japan: I've lived in Japan for almost 10 years and sadly the stares and rude questions are something that will never go away. Though most people I come across aren't intentionally trying to be rude. They're just curious about something that is uncommon in Japan (e.g. interracial relationships). I just try my best to be patient with people and explain to them that I love my husband for who he is, but it can still be pretty frustrating.
16.Apr.14 3 days ago
Hi, I recently started dating a super sweet guy. We both live in Japan, he's native, I'm American, but who cares, right? Well, apparently, everyone cares. I get stares from everyone just by holding his hand. I think it's different from the sort of dynamic there would be in my home country. Here, people constantly ask me if I'm after his money or just trying to get residency. I'm not a gold digger, I just like this guy. Does anyone else on here deal with that mess? Any tips for dealing with it?

I’m so sorry it took so long to respond! I was hoping something would come to me for tips. Unfortunately I haven’t had to deal with this kind of thing except for the snide comment by his mom that because I was independent I had to use my money not anyone else’s (aka her sons). 

I am begging out many many followers to submit or reblog answers to this anon’s question and dilemma! I can’t imagine how hard it is to deal with that and I hope everyone comes through for you and submits :) 

15.Apr.14 3 days ago