A blog dedicated purely to show AMWF couples. This is isn't for a fetish but just show that this pairing exists and to support these couples.
We hope to get submissions for anyone in an AMWF relationship. Please share your story, problems, pictures, videos, or anything else related to what this blog is about.
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27.Jul.14 10 hours ago
Hey. I love your blog! I'm sorry but I just want to rant something. My parents would rather me be lesbian than date a nonwhite guy! No offense to people that are lesbian but that's stupid! They said I would be putting my kids in danger and people wouldn't like it. It's not any one else's relationship!! And I don't want kids!! I am going to love who I want!! It's the 2014 for gods sake!! Get over it!! I just hate it when I tell them a guy I'm interest in, the first question is if he's white. Ugh!

I’m so sorry that your parents are like that. It’s my experience that parents don’t really change their opinions till the grandkids come. There are tons of interracial love blogs supporting it if you want to show them that it is socially acceptable. 

I wish you the best of luck in finding whomever is best for you to love! And thank you for the compliment :)

26.Jul.14 1 day ago