A blog dedicated purely to show AMWF couples. This is isn't for a fetish but just show that this pairing exists and to support these couples.
We hope to get submissions for anyone in an AMWF relationship. Please share your story, problems, pictures, videos, or anything else related to what this blog is about.
Hope you all enjoy!
Disclaimer- This website owns none of the pictures. We try our best to keep the source with picture. If you see your picture and don't want it up just request to have it down (with URL) and we'll take it down.

I’m going to be honest and say our queue is empty.

This blog used to bring me a lot of joy but I am so tired of people asking about fetishism, being fetishists, and/or being racist. 

I just want to show love. This week I’ll get back to it and add some more to the queue from our messages. We’re going to ask that people send us links to the pictures because I don’t like scrolling through the #amwf anymore. 

17.Sep.14 2 days ago